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The League of Friends for St Leonards Hospital was formed in 1955. It is the voluntary support organisation for St Leonards Community Hospital, and its aims are to give service and raise funds to improve facilities and equipment for the benefit of patients and staff. Its Constitution ensures that money received and raised is used solely to benefit the hospital. The League publishes an Annual Report and Audited Accounts each year. These can be viewed on the Charity Commissioners website.

The League is a highly respected and trusted organisation and as such has encouraged the support of many people. It has a proud record of voluntary service and raising funds. All project donations that are received are applied in full to benefit the hospital, patients and staff.

The Board of Trustees manage the organisation in a responsible and professional manner. These Trustees, along with volunteers of the League, give time and services for the good of the cause.  The League has a proud record of leading a fight to save the hospital from closure in 2005, which helped to ensure the hospital’s survival and continued service in the community.





The League welcomes new members. Becoming a member does not automatically involve you in any extra work or activity. Your support of our cause for the benefit of The St Leonards Hospital League of Friends is what we would value. Your membership will ensure that you are kept in touch with the League’s activities. It also provides support for the hospital in these challenging times.

You can become a member by contacting the Chairman whose details are on our contact page.

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Project and Achievements

The League has raised, with the great support of the community, approximately £600,000 over the last 20 years. All of this money has been used to update and provide new buildings and for the purchase of new equipment.

Its latest project has been to build a new staff room for all staff other than the ward nursing staff. Currently these members of staff often eat lunch at their desks. The room would also be useful for small meetings and support groups for all staff. Cost estimated at about £30,000 so we need to raise a further £15,000 as a major contribution towards a new extension is expected that construction will start soon.

In the future we hope to develop the hospital kitchen. Currently it is too small to cook all meals from scratch so a lot of “cook chill” is used. We would like to cook all homemade food from scratch which would be tastier and more nutritious for our patients. Cost estimated at about £100,000

To see the latest report from Dorset HealthCare University NHS Trust please clicking here.

We would like to expand our physiotherapy department into the adjacent training room, in order to see more patients and reduce waiting list time, this would be best achieved by building a new training/meeting room, no cost estimate available yet.
In these austere times it is wonderful to be able to approach the Friends to provide small comforts for our patients, an example is the six bed tables recently donated by the Rotary Club of Ferndown to Canford Ward. Alternatively or being able to fund a member of staff to attend a conference or national training event, the resulting great benefit to staff and patients. The Friends are also very generous to our patients at Christmas, and the staff Winter Ball is very popular.

The League of Friends for St Leonards Hospital will build on its profile and reputation. It will encourage people to continue their financial support so that the League can undertake further improvements to facilities and equipment. A personal letter of acknowledgement and thanks is sent for donations received whenever an address is given. However anonymous donations are, of course, gratefully received
I’m sure we will come up with lots of new wishes and we are ever grateful for your support.




Along with many ideas the League raises funds to improve facilities and equipment by maintaining a presence at public events and venues. Contact with the community is therefore first hand. Senior staff including Matron are happy to go and talk to local organisations about the work of the hospital. The recently launched newsletter will encourage support for the work of the League. If you would like to receive future newsletters and /or be on our mailing list, please contact the Chairman.

Other activities have included building The Link. This is an important facility that contributes much to the success of the hospital. Robust designer garden furniture is a major feature of the fantastic sensory garden which can be enjoyed by everyone. This outdoor area provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy nature in a peaceful and fulfilling environment. Additionally we have funded water chillers in the Link and outpatients departments for patients, visitors and staff. The League provides and maintains two vending machines in the main waiting hall; one is a snack and cold drinks machine and the other one is in the out of hour’s reception. 

At Christmas time each year it provides a gift and card for every inpatient and members of staff that are on duty on Christmas Day.






Working with the community and other organisations

The League of Friends works closely in the community. The Ferndown Rotary Club has contributed garden furniture for staff plus planters and a shed for the sensory garden They also contribute plants throughout the hospital which gives a welcoming and cheerful approach. Verwood Rotary also supports the hospital. We are grateful for the support of the Rotary Clubs.

The League of Friends would welcome more local community involvement to help maintain and promote the good and continuing work of the hospital.



The St. Leonards Community Hospital League of Friends is reliant on volunteer help. We need people to come forward to help the Friends in their support of the hospital.

For all enquiries about the background, current work of the League, and membership please contact the Chairman whose details are on our contact page.


The St Leonards Community Hospital

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